Seminars and training courses for companies, organisations and other entities


There are 3 very important reasons why you should train your staff with "Milton & Dale":


  1. The best trainers-business practitioners, experienced experts in their fields;

  2. "First-hand" training programmes developed on the basis of the latest knowledge and best business practices;

  3. A very high level of effectiveness of knowledge transfer based on the methodology of so-called "brain-baised learning", i.e. learning in a way that is friendly for the human brain (neurodidactics).

Below you can find samples of training topics offered by "Milton & Dale". We are open to all your suggestions - each training programme can be constructed from scratch taking into account the needs, expectations and potential of each client. Our trainings programmes represent a very high substantive level, are interesting, interactive and attractive for the participants.


Professional training for managers
(different management levels)
  • Managing teams of employees - basic training programme
  • An effective manager - update and improvement of selected managerial competences
  • Motivating employees - effective and ineffective methods of staff motivation
  • Team building - building effective teams
  • Employee Empowerment - definition, implementation, benefits
  • Difficult situations in a work of a manager - selected issues
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Briefings, meetings and presentations - preparations, execution and results
  • Organisational communication (internal and external)
  • Communication in times of crisis (downsizing, mergers, acquisitions)
  • Negotiations for managers (business, payroll, trade unions)
  • Self-presentation and public speaking
  • Effective methods for recruitment and selection of job applicants
  • Effective onboarding* - programme in preparation
  • Assessment Centre and Development Centre - theory and practice
  • Outplacement of individuals and groups of employees

  • From managing to leading - an introduction to leadership topic
  • Leader on his way to the top! - leadership skills development workshops

Coaching in a company
  • Coaching - introduction to coaching and business coaching topic
  • Manager in a coach role + coaching management style
  • Coaching organisational culture in a company -
    definition, a step-by-step implementation, key benefits


Professional training for salespeople and customer service staff
  • Professional techniques of effective selling 
    (A comprehensive basic training for sales people)
  • Professional sales workshops for advanced sales people - selected issues, leveraging existing sales skills - sales presentations, closing sales etc.
  • Business negotiations (sales, purchasing)
  • Difficult situations in working with clients - selected issues
  • Effective debt collection talks - psychological aspects of talks with debtors
  • Techniques of exerting social influence
  • Merchandising
  • Telemarketing
  • Prospecting
  • Professional customer service in a company - industry-specific training courses tailored to the customer's business profile and company specifics
  • National and international trade fairs - preparation of the company team, work at the fair booth, efficiency of participation in the event
Professional training for all employees:
  • Business awareness workshops
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Organisational communication
  • Telephone communication
  • Professional written communication (notes, e-mails, letters etc.)
  • Time management
  • Stress at work, conflicts, antagonisms, bullying, sexual harassment
  • Burn-out syndrome - definition, symptoms, prevention
  • Assertiveness and an assertive attitude at work and in private life
  • Creative thinking and creative problem solving
  • Company’s „brain storming” - preparation, execution, effects
  • Psychomanipulation at work and in private life - recognition, self-defence techniques