Seminars and training courses for companies, organisations and other entities


There are three very important reasons why you should realise your training programmes just with us:
  1. We work in a permanent team of experienced trainers-business practitioners, experts at their disciplines; they are from various regions of Poland (Toruń, Warszawa, Łódź, Poznań and Kraków); most of them have backgrounds in working for big, international companies;

  2. We work solely with our original programmes what means that you can’t buy them by any other training companies;

  3. Working with groups, we use the latest methods based on so-called brain-based learning, that means brain-friendly teaching and learning methods (neurodidactics).

Thanks that all mentioned above features we are able to carry out your training programmes much better!


Training for managers: 
  • I’m a manager!
    (Basics for first time managers.)
  • An effective manager!
    (Update and improvement of managerial skills.)
  • Effective and ineffective methods of staff motivation.
  • Manager’s own labor organization methods and time management.
  • Manager as an supercommunicator!
  • Negotiations for managers
    (Negocjacje biznesowe, płacowe, społeczne itp.)
  • How to make a good impression? – image and self-presentation skills
  • Difficult situations in manager’s work life – Part I
    (stress, conflicts and antagonisms, tough decisions, change, mergers, takeovers, dismissal of workers)
  • Difficult situations in manager’s work life – Part II
    (mobbing, sexual harassment, burnout syndrome)
  • Burnout syndrome - prevention.

  • From management to leadership
    (introduction to the “leadership topic”)
  • Leader on his way to the peak!
    (training courses leveraging existing leadership skills)

Coaching in a company
  • Coach, who really is he/she?
    (Introduction to the topic “coaching”.)
  • Manager in a coach role.
    (Managerem się jest a coachem się bywa.)
  • Coaching style in management.
    (Philosophy and key benefits of implementation of the coaching-based managerial style, key skills and competencies)
  • Coaching organisational culture in a company.
    (Key features, benefits, a step-by-step implementation)


Training for sales people
  • Professional techniques of effective selling.
    (A comprehensive basic training for sales people)
  • Professional sales workshop for advanced sales people.
    (selected issues; leveraging existing sales skills)
  • Effective trade negotiations for sales people and buyers.
    (Szkolenie dla sprzedawców oraz osób zajmujących się zakupami.)
  • Merchandising – commercial space which sells!
  • Telemarketing - the art of selling by phone.
  • Prospecting – a difficult art of new clients acquisition.
  • Professional customer care and service in a company.
    (Deep industry-specific training courses adjusted not only to the line of business but also to your specific expectations.)
  • Sales presentations which sell.
  • Difficult situations in customer service.
    (Stress, complaints, conflicts, payment arrears.)
  • How to get company’s money back without losing a customer?
    (Psychology of effective recovery talks.)
  • Social influence mechanisms used in clients’ service.
    (Selling, negotiation, customer service.)
Training programmes for all workers:
  • A business awareness (building or leveraging) workshop for company’s team.
  • How to communicate effectively in your own company?
    (Wffective organizational communication workshops.)
  • Phone – our work tool.
  • Meetings, briefings and presentations.
    (How to prepare and carry them out smartly and effectively? )
  • Self-work organization and time management.
  • Effective interpersonal communication training.
  • Assertiveness training for selected groups of employees.
  • Company’s „brain storming”.
    (How to prepare it and carry out very well?)
  • Creative thinking and problem solving - workshops.
  • Professional burnout syndrome prevention.
    (Seminars for employees and managers.)
  • How to protect yourself against psychomanipulative behaviours in work and private life?