Business Consulting and coaching

Every consulting project that we carry out may be classified into one of two below mentioned groups:

  1. As our client’s support in „going forward”: using chances and opportunities; self-development;
  2. As our support in client’s problem solving: difficulties, barriers, limitations.

Final advantages of that kind of projects may be classified to one of three main categories:

  1. The company gains something (materially or immaterially)
  2. The company reduces its operating costs or just simplifies its selected processes
  3. The company gets rid of some problems

As external consultants we have tough challenge to face because we are not a part of our client’s company, but otherwise we have a much better situation because we are able to get easier a big picture (from above or from the side) and we are also not involved in different company’s correlations. The longer you work in given organizational structures, the less you can see what really happens in there.

Most of our clients work with us on a long-term basis. The record holders have been with us from the start (since 1999). They give us, from time to time, new tasks to complete. A long-term relationship gives incredible benefits to both sides. Thanks to in-depth knowledge about our client’s company we are able to solve their problems quicker and more effectively what means much better!



  • Organisational-functional analysis of sections, departments or entire companies (MSME).
  • Assessment of development potential of selected workers, sections, departments or entire company.
  • Assessment of professional training needs of staff and management.
  • Preparing and conducting (moderation) of company’s “brainstorming”.
  • Creating and conducting company’s special task groups.
  • Analysis and improvement (facilitation) of communication processes within a company.
  • Communicational advising: internal and external communication, also marketing communication.
  • Marketing consulting for micro, small and medium companies. (MSME).
  • Business psychologist services: research, surveys, test, interviews.
  • Conducting of recruitment and selection processes for our clients.
  • Selection assistance by hiring people – helping to make the best choice.
  • Designing and carrying out outplacement processes for individuals or groups of dismissed workers.
  • Business coaching (corporate coaching and executive coaching).
  • Life coaching for everybody(If you are interested in it, just click the GLC button on our main menu. GLC.

  • Motivational speeches during conferences, events or kick-off meetings.
  • Sales Meetings topic lectures or motivational speeches.
  • Expert presentations during the company’s annual meetings with its VIP clients.
  • Preparing the company’s team to participation in international fairs and exhibitions - How to work in a BOOTH effectively?
  • Joined visits (with our clients) at German industry trade fairs or exhibitions.