About us

Hello everybody!

From the very beginning of my commercial activity as a trainer and business consultant I was sure about it that I want to train and consult companies basing only on the latest state of knowledge obtained from many different sources like: domestic and foreign specialist literature, industry conferences, seminars and training courses, Internet (among others YouTube and LinkedIn), inspiring meetings with successful business people (for example within “The Sales Angels” group) and so on. Today, after over 20 years of my training and consulting work, I am able to state that I can constantly catch up with cutting edge industry developments.

In the last years I have been very deeply impressed by the amazing findings of neurosciences, which, thanks to so called imaging methods, allow scientists to identify the human brain processing in real time. The day has finally come when we can verify the accuracy of numerous hypotheses and theories formed by scientists over years. Now we can literally see what works and what doesn’t work in such areas as education, management or marketing (so-called “neuromarketing”). For a couple of years I’m a big fan of Friederike Fabritius a neuropsychologist, co-author of bestselling book „The leading brain”, a specialist on neurotransmitters, which influence both, what we are like and how we behave in different situations. I admire her not only for her smart combining of her scientific work with her business consulting activity (Munich Leadership Group) but also for it that she, beyond this, still stays a normal, very open-minded and pleasant person.

Company at a glance:
  • Company founder: Dariusz Wiśniewski, experienced business trainer, consultant and coach.
  • Company’s name is formed from 2 fornames of people whose lives and work have impressed and inspired the founder of the “Milton & Dale” company very much: Milton Erickson and Dale Carnegie.
  • Date of the founding of the company July the 1st , 1999
  • Area of activity: Poland (and from time to time a little bit farther)
  • Languages in which we train and consult: Polish, German, English
  • Number of clients: over 150
  • Number of completed training and consulting projects: over 470