About us

Hello everybody,

My name is Dariusz Wiśniewski and I'm the founder of "Milton & Dale" company. The year 2023 is already the 24th year of my activity in the area of training and business consulting. From the very beginning, I assumed that I want to train and advise based exclusively on the latest knowledge obtained on an ongoing basis from various sources, such as domestic and foreign professional literature, industry conferences, training and improvement courses, the Internet, as well as inspiring meetings with experts (e.g. in the "Sales Angels" group) and the so-called successful people. Today, after all these years and after many completed projects, I can confidently say that I am still "up to date" and I am very happy about that.




  • Company founder: Dariusz Wiśniewski, experienced business trainer, consultant and coach.
  • Company’s name is formed from 2 fornames of people whose lives and work have impressed and inspired the founder of the “Milton & Dale” company very much: Milton Erickson and Dale Carnegie.
  • Date of the founding of the company July the 1st , 1999
  • Area of activity: Poland (and from time to time a little bit farther)
  • Languages in which we train and consult: Polish, German, English
  • Number of clients (Polish and foreign companies): over 180
  • Number of completed training and consulting projects: about 450